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Late 20th Century writings from the House of Caveat Emptor Press.

Caveat Emptor Press was established in 1992 as a concept.  I used Caveat Emptor Press and a photocopier to complete my first book, Toothless In The Blizzard, which I then distributed to my friends and family in un-numbered copies.  Since then it has been my excuse to self-publish other writings that include: a novel, several collections of poetry, several groups of short stories, and an almanac of unpublished articles and essays.  Caveat Emptor Press has moved once, from 1268 Kane Rd., in Mississauga, to its present location in Nishinomiya.  In 1999, Caveat Emptor press published its first work from another author when Peter Hoflich and Jennifer Boudreaux published a slim volume of poems entitled Split Poems.

Caveat Emptor has published:

1 novel
1 travel report (from 25 countries
617 poems
189 stories
53 articles and essays
100 illustrations

Detailed descriptions of each book are on another page: Caveat Emptor Press overview page:

CEP1                    CEP2                  CEP3                 CEP4                  CEP5                 CEP7                  CEP7                  CEP8


CEP00000001 Toothless in the Blizzard (poetry) – 61 pages - 1993


CEP00000002 Void’s Metamorphosis (a novel) – 91 pages - 1994

CEP00000003   123.45 Stories – 135 1000-word stories written in the idle summer in 1998 – approximately 170 pages - 1998


CEP00000004    Travel Diary – 152 pages - 1999


CEP00000005    An Alienation Almanac – 109 pages - 1999


CEP0000006  Tautological Sophisms – 123 pages and counting - 1999


CEP00000007    Split Poems – Peter Hoflich and Jennifer Boudreaux – 27/38 pages - 2000


CEP0000008 the All-Seeing Eye: Illustrations 1993 to 1999 – 34 pages long - 2000

CEP0000009 Peter Hoflich/Self-titled, by Peter Hoflich – (currently 105 pages long) - 2000


CEP000000010 Burn This Book - 2000

CEP000000011 POETALLICA- 2000


CEP000000012 the PHomnibus - sample writings from CEP1 to CEP11, "Writings from the distant 20th Century", as seen on this homepage - 2000

CEP000000013 20th Century Home-Boy - original writing found only in this home-page (Japan, Music, Film, Canadian Studies, etc.) - 2000

CEP000000014 Head Cheese * Year One - Head Cheese volume 1 to 7, as published on this website - 2000

CEP000000015 Four Ages of Travel four travel stories: England/Ireland, Thailand, Taiwan, and Japan - 2001

HC0000001  Head Cheese Japan Zine 72 page zine – no ads – with reviews, fiction, comics, etc. – 2002

HC0000002EB  Head Cheese 2 Electric Boogaloo Zine 48 page – no ads – with reviews, fiction, comics, Mick Harvey report, etc. – 2003

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Peter Höflich

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