This series of poems partially marks a departure from the way I usually write poetry, as well as the types of poems I usually write.  Gee, gosh, whenever I feel like writing poems, or whenever an interesting thought or series of words pops into my head, I usually flip open a notebook or find a scrap of paper and set them down.  It is important to do this, because if I say to myself, “aw, shucks, I sure would look silly if I started writing poetry right here in front of all of these people.  I’ll just keep it in my memory and write it down later when I get a chance,” boy oh boy, is that a sure sign that the words will be lost forever.  But basically, after I have gotten those precious inspirational words down, I use the inertia to continue writing until I have no more ideas.  That is usually just a minute or two.  I don’t know if you can even really call this poetry writing, or what I write poetry, since I sometimes feel like any old Joe could do just what I do, but somehow I care about it after I write it and want to write it down, which is why we have something to look at right here in this book.

Anyway, like I was saying, the “POETALLICA” poems that make up the first half are a bit different than the “Poemtale Sketches” that make up the second half.  The first group are written in the conventional way that I described before.  The second bunch are poems that are written in the same way as I wrote the stories that got into the 123.45 Stories collection, namely I had a collection of one-line ideas jotted down from the previous months and years, waiting for development.  I call these “thumbnail sketches”, and they may never be developed.  This time I sat down and developed each idea into a one-page poem, as I had once developed similar ideas into one-page stories.  This marks one of the first times I sat down with an idea and worked through a poem and its ideas, instead of a poem being flashed by some sort of spontaneous inspiration.  The “thumbnail sketch” ideas can be found in the beginning of the “Poemtale Sketches” under the title “the script.”  They have also been posted on this homepage for anyone to try their luck with the Thumbnail Sketches page.

to read sample poems from POETALLICA:

Table of Contents:

Wandering Notes I
Wandering Notes II
Sugar Beaster
The Sleeping Woman
Fate Destiny Serendipity
The Remains of the Project
An Orgy
First Jenn Poem
Wandering Notes III
100% Everything
The Blind Spot
Book Titles
The Insane Child
The Backwards Process
Wedding I
Wedding II
The Animal Kingdom
Wandering Notes IV

Poemtale Sketches:
The script
Burn This Book
Open Deceit
Like Ghosts
Once in a Lifetime – ???? – Itchy Go Itchy A
Devolutionary Progress
The Cerebral Holiday
Setting – May 9th
Strain Excellence Strain – May 9th
Hera Clit Us (from Efes) – May 9th
Ity-San-In (from Papapapa) – May 9th
The Pedophile vs. the Orthopedophile – May 9th
Stories for Hire – May 9th
If you Can Say Those Words – May 9th
Fun – May 9th
Crawling – May 9th
Hypocrisy – May 9th
My World of One – May 9th
Or Else – May 9th
Power – May 9th
Blasphemy – May 9th
Shadow – May 9th
The Body – May 16th
The Hall of Static Animation – May 16th
Ensemble – May 16th
She – June 2nd
A Wall of Ears – June 2nd
The Day the Night – June 2nd
Hate – June 2nd
Something – June 3nd
The 20th Century – June 3nd
The Truck – June 3nd
Handsome – June 3nd
The Best Criminal – June 3nd
The Character – June 3nd
Cell – June 11th
Property – June 11th
K-Tai – June 11th
The Man – June 11th
Love – June 11th
Nature – June 11th
Country – June 11th
Space – June 11th
If You Dream It – June 11th
Belief – June 11th
She Got Away – June 12th
Shit and Fuck – June 12th
Stripped – June 12th
Posterity – June 12th
Perry and Dick – June 12th
Kenyon – June 12th

Other Poems:
More Book Titles That Might Have Been – Part II
The Continuing Poem

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