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March 2003 – getting ready to leave Japan soon, so why not busy myself with another Head Cheese just before I leave.  Sure, I have all the time in the world.  The second zine is slimmer, trimmer, better, simpler, and has much less stuff by me.  See – it’s not a vanity project after all.  Great articles by Shane, Scott, Simon, Susan, and a bunch of other people whose names don’t begin with S, like Naoko, Matt Exile, and the mysterious Fernando Rodriquez of Buenos Aires, Argentina!  Email me to see about getting a copy. 


How To Speak Japanese Without Trying 2

The Books of Murakami… Ryu!

Simon meets Tom Cruise in Himeji

Shane of Tripod Jimmy Meets Wankers and Gets Wasted  (plus lists!!)

Magnetism Begins At Home – by the Mysterious Fernando of Buenos Aires

Korean Junk Food Reviews by Scott Bug

Dagashi – Japanese Snack Food Reviews by Peter and Naoko

Korea Trip 1992

Mick Collins Interview

Short Story Titles

Horoscope – by Susan

Book Reviews

CD Reviews

Concert Reviews



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