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May 2002 - Hooray, this May I finally finished the zine I have been talking about for years.  After building a huge website over the years that documented thousands of film, video, concerts and CD reviews, the slow realization that most people don’t want to read that much STUFF off of a computer anyway.  Thus a real carry-it-to-the-toilet-to-read zine was born.  Something you can take to a real coffee shop and look at instead of an internet café.  And now it is back online.  The zine carries a lot of the stuff that the website does, but there are still a few things that the website doesn’t have.  Check out the links to the zine’s articles below: 

Face to face with 500 pounds of fury – sumo!

How To Speak Japanese Without Trying ** zine exclusive **

Hipper Than Thou – Good Music That Sucks Hard! ** zine exclusive **

The Good, The Bad, and the J-Pop!

Around the World – Scene Reports – from: Argentina, Canada, Finland, Osaka, Korea, New Zealand ** zine exclusive **

Head Cheese News – It Could Be True!

What’s Happening 1 – Asian Film and Video Reviews

Japanese Music

What’s Happening 2 – CDs, Tapes, and Demos!

Osaka Live Houses

What’s Happening 3 – Concert Reviews

J-Lit – Books: Essays and Fiction, Foreign and Local


Comics: comic 1, comic 2, comic 3, comic 4, comic 5, comic 6, comic 7, comic 8, comic 9, comic 10, comic 11, comic 12
  ** zine exclusive **


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